Principal investments  


Although each situation may require tailor-made adjustments, we believe clearly defined and structured investment processes are key to a successful result. 

For each deal, we assemble our team with its many years of experience and transactions, specifying each role and responsibility, and concentrate on best execution of the defined strategy.

We focus on clearly defined processes & roles during acquisition, holding period, and divestment, with schedules and milestones for each transaction.

Deal Origination / Pre-Evaluation

  • Deals may be sourced through multiple channels, and we absolutely prioritize privately negotiated transactions. 
  • An investment scenario is prepared for the potential deal, for our evaluation about the investment scenario and determination if the deal fits our investment criteria and risk exposure.

Detailed Evaluation

  • Internally, with additional external independent resources, we prepare an analysis of the potential investment, market comparables, risk factors, site visits, and potential results. 
  • After reviewing these details, we decide if the deal fits our criteria and whether to advance further. If so, we lead the acquisition negotiations and manage the acquisition process.

Execution / Acquisition

  • Final negotiations and structuring led by NCRE, supported with advisors.
  • Finalization of terms and conditions of the transaction, coordinate preparation of agreements, incorp-oration of relevant structures and appointment of third-party admin-istrator, and other relevant steps.

Post-Acquisition Management

  • NCRE monitors the implementation of the investment strategy, maintains relationships internally in the club and externally with the stakeholders. 
  • We monitor the management of the asset, reviewing performance and risks, checking adherence to the plan and strategy, and implementing any requirements or recommendations.

Exit and Divestment

  • Together with our deal and asset team, NCRE optimises the best exit options and strategies. 
  • NCRE reviews the divestment timing, options and valuations in accordance with the business plan and external management recommendations.